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OEM Chrome F. Bumper Question 08 Titan

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Hey guys i have been doing weeks of research and kind find the answer to my question. Alot of the time i will find people contradicting each other.

I have an 08 XE CC

1.Can I buy just an SE/LE center chrome piece F. Bumper and bolt it to my F. Bumper will that work(if you understand what i am saying)

2.Are all of the OEM Chrome pieces interchangeble from years 04 to 08
(example. door handles,oem chrome grill,mirror cover,rear chrome bumper etc....)

I appreciate any help Thanks
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yes to all of your questions. the only thing you will run into trouble with is the mirrors. you can upgrade but it is not "plug-n-play" on them. mirror backs can ba swapped, black for chrome easier. hope this helped
Thanks That was one of my biggest problems.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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