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OEM Pads/Rotors for 08 Titan

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Hey guys, I have a 08 Titan that is about due for brakes. I have 64,000 on the originals so I want to do front and rear. After looking at the forum I saw that some said to get Hawk pads and Frozen rotors but the OEM's worked great for me so I was pricing them out since the Frozen rotors are quite pricey.

Has anyone ordered from before? Seems to be the best price I can find online. Here's the breakdown:
Front Rotors = $82.11 x 2
Front Pads = $61.33
Rear Rotors = $69.89 x 2
Rear Pads = $58.66
Parts Total = $423.99
Shipping = $21.20
Total = $445.19

Thanks for helping out members on this forum!

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I did the same, ordered OEM for my 08 from Fontana Nissan online. It was around what you posted including shipping.
One thing you do need to order as well is the shim kit.

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What's the shim kit? Is that the same thing as the Overhaul kit? Why do you need that and is it a must? Says it's only $17 so i'll order it too but this is the first I've heard of it.

Thanks for the heads up!
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