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Oem step rails for 2008 crew cab?

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Sorry...another newbie post from me

Does anyone know yet if the 2008 long wheel base crew cab has different mounting points for the oem step rails? I want to add them to my 2008 pro4x crew cab (long wheel base) truck and would like to buy from a fellow member on here if I could, but if extensive modification if necessary I may have to buy new...unfortunately I heard that only chrome rails are available for the 2008 (no more charcoal).

Anyone know for sure? Or can refer me to someone who would know for sure?

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for 2008 the listings read as 999T6-WS0CS for all crew cab's, only in chrome....
There is a third place for mounting on the LWB, but my old CC step bars mounted right up to it. I didn't like to look of them cutting off at the end of the cab though. Was VERY noticable. Hence the reason I went to N-Fab. If you don't like the 6-step, another member got the wheel to wheels with the usual 4step. and you can get them in any color to include charcoal if it is your desire. Just cost money.
Thanks, Bhudda... I know most people like those aftermarket "steps" but I would prefer a rail...oem or like oem. I'd prefer the truck be as stock looking as possible, and for family use a rail would be more useful / safer. But I guess you can't have everything...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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