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OEM Step ?

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Well I think I'm going to get my steps powdercoated black. Anybody know how to remove the plastic inserts in the OEM steps? I tried searching around here, but I couldn't find anything.
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They are held on by clips.


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Thanks for the great info!
baseballfanz said:
They are held on by clips.
where do you find stuff like that??
I think he has outright studied the PDF Files of the Manuals, and understands the index better than any of us do. Have you ever looked at the PDF version, the sections have weird titles, like "UA" or something like that.

Must have multiple tabs on his browser and monitors all the big Titan sites at once.

Now, does he have an ultra mobile computer attached to his waist, with VR Glasses on all his waking hours, that is a mystery.

BBF is THE MAN! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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