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OEM Steps...

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anyone want some oem side steps for a crew cab??? i have them on my 2004, they are in pretty good shape, some scratches on the bottom, but still look great. i wanna get some chrome westin nerf bars. near tallahassee fl....willing to ship. make an offer if ya want em!
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Do you have pics and any idea of what you're looking to get out of them?
come on guys!!! they're sitting in my shed on top of my stock wheels. i know somebody wants them.
I want some KC step rails.
i also have a fiberglass tonneau cover for a smoke colored crew cab if anybody is interested in that too. not sure of the exact brand name...but its pretty dang nice.
How 'bout some details on the lid! Brand? Have keys? Price? Thanks!
i have a sale pending right now for the steps and bed cover. if it doesnt go through...ill give more details.
Do you still have the steps?
After 2 years, I think he wouldve sold them by now.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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