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OEM XM Radio

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I picked up an OEM XM from the dealer yesterday. They printed the instructions for me as none come with the tuner. I've read plenty of threads on installing it. THANKS EVER BODY. The instruction tell you to remove the pedal assembly but I've never read were anybody had to do that. You guys that have done it, do you? I'll do this some time this week, so if anybody has any extra tips they well all be welcomed. The instructions are for tuner kit # 999U9-NV003 not that it should make any different. My XM kit # is 999U0-AS005 ($194.00), bracket kit kit # *****-VS006 ($20.00) and antenna # *****-VS002 ($68.00) its gos inside by the mirror. My Titan is an 06 LE CC.

I installed the turner today. I didn't have to remove all the stuff they call for. There is to much stuff to type, but if you are going to put a OEM XM turner in your self, PM me. I have the RF 6 disc so my tips well only work for this setup. You don't need the bracket kit. I got it just in case as I'm 100 miles from my Dealer.
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Hey, I just bought the same receiver from my local dealer. Any suggestions or tip will be appreciated. I have an 07 Titan LE CC.

Thanks in advance,
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