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Official Invitation for Members

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This is your official invitation to the Internet Car Club Championships at North Star Dragway in Denton. This is a chance to come to the dragstrip and compete both individually and as a team.

Sunday February 24th at North Star Dragway

Here is how its going to work. Approximately 25 Internet Car Clubs will be invited and assigned a letter designation. Every time a member of that team comes to the starting line for a round of competition, they will be awarded a point. At the end of the day the team that has most points will get a trophy and each member that competed for that team will be awarded a $25 NSD gift card. You must be a member of an invited car club in order to compete and one racers may onky race for one club during the event.

Here are the classes that we will be running:

Super Street
Winner $400
R/Up $150
Semis $75

Entry $40 Car and Driver

1. Firewall must be stock and be in stock location
2. No Lenco or Bruno typ transmissions
3. Only mini tubs or stock rear setup allowed
4. Must have mufflers
5. No Wheelie bars
6. Only one power adder permitted
7. Run on pro tree

Modified Street
Winner $300
R/Up $125
Semis $50

Entry $30 Car and Driver

1. First 7 same as Super Street
7. Must have current state tags and inspection
8. Must have current and valid insurance card
9. No tubs or mini tubs allowed
10. Full interior mandatory (carpet, dash, stock door panels, seats)

Stock Street
Winner $200
R/Up $100
Semis $35

Entry $20 Car and Driver

1. First 10 same as Modified Street
11. Must have D.O.T. approved street tires
12. Must have OEM engine and transmission
13. No nitrous, turbos, or superchargers allowed unless OEM

ET Street (Bracket Race)
Winner $200
R/Up $100
Semis $50
Qtrs. $25

Entry $25 Car and Driver

1. No delay boxes, throttle stops, or timing systems permitted
2. No cars faster than 7.00
3. A driver may enter Et Street and one other class

There will also be a car show with prizes that is free to enter.

Hope to see some of you guys there.

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