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Vote for your final TEAM VK56 slogan

  • “Addicted Generation”

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Official IRC VK56 Final Slogan Voting

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After a preliminary vote and poll that was very close, these are the finalists for the TEAM VK56 slogan.

“Try and Keep Up”

“Addicted Generation”

“Born Competitors, Race Day Predators”

The final slogan would of coarse be paired with the TEAM VK56 designation but just how is still undecided. Also when voting, please consider graphics possibilities because the graphics are what will make the whole thing work for us.

As before, you need not be a member of the club yet to cast a vote.

The voting will continue for a week unless it’s a landslide and if that’s the case, we will end the voting early and start the graphics portion of the contest.

Good luck and let the voting begin.
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Yeah, I voted for the last one too, although Try and Keep up is simple and to the point!!!
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