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Official Irc Vk56 Logo Contest Notice:

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We need a logo for our racing club and are having a contest. You can see one of the entries in my avatar but we won't be satisfied unless all the graphic artists out there submit an Idea or two and if you win it's worth a T-shirt when they are printed.

Please submit all entries you would like considered into the thread titled "Official IRC Logo contest entries"

The following are the rules for the contest and no logo will be considered if it does not meet ALL of these rules..

1. The Official club name is IRC VK56 "International Racing Club" and the logo needs to contain all of this in one form or another.

2. There is a three color maximum. White and black are both considered colors.

3. A contrasting boarder needs to appear around the logo so that the entire design shows up well on both dark and light colors.

4. No fades, gradients or patterns. Solid colors only.

5. Simple with no very fine detail.

6. It's about the engine so no vehicles of any kind are allowed on the logo.

7. This logo will be printed on letterhead, embroidered on hats and printed on T-shirts and stickers. The logo should be legible and look good at all those sizes.

8. All artwork has to be original. No borrowing from Clipart on the Web or other copywrited material. If you didn’t create it, we can't use it.

9. As long as the above rules are followed, anything else goes.

I'm sorry the rules are so stringent but there is a reason for them. If the logo does not meet all of these rules, it will not make it to final voting.
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