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The IRC VK56 International Racing Club is in need of volunteers to maintain data for the club. These volunteers would be given the positions of Statistical Crew Chiefs and would be the main source for member data within the club. All that’s required for these positions is an interest in helping the racing club grow and a few simple skills. All the positions in the club are important but without Statistical Crew Chiefs, membership cannot be effectively recorded. The Statistical Crew Chiefs should be able to operate simple Excel spreadsheets and enter member data periodically. These volunteers should also have Internet access and an Email account for club purposes.

These members would be the information foundation of the Racing club and once we have Statistical Crew Chiefs, our Pit Crews will have someone to receive the new member data they have gathered for entry into the central member database. We need to know who and where our members are so we can give them all the fun event news and results as well as simple information like which race club members can help with performance mods in their area.

For those wishing to sign up, simply contact one of the IRC Crew Chiefs Via PM stating that you would like to sign up as a Statistical Crew Chief and we will contact you shortly. Thank you very much in advance for your help and your interest in our Racing club.
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