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Official IRC VK56 pit crew application notification:

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In order to keep the club organized and represent it in the way that was intended, Pit Crews are needed. By Pit Crews, we don’t mean wrench turners or grease monkeys but rather official club representatives on the forums. They would have to have membership in good standing with the forums and be willing to frequent the forums, which we have designated as “The Pits”.
These members are the first point of contact for new members and will be responsible for new member applications as well as member recruiting efforts in the pits.
The Pit Crews will need to follow all forum rules to the letter and be good club representatives. Many of the forums have granted us the distinct privilege of our own IRC VK56 Sub Forum and we, as club representatives are not about to make them regret that decision. If you are not prepared to adhere to all the forum rules and regulations this job is not for you.
Make no mistake, it will be work sometimes but hopefully much more fun than work and as the club gets established the demand on the pit crews time should taper off. In the mean time though you better put on a fire suit and helmet cause it will be rough at first and we need people to rise to the challenge and help represent and organize the club.
All Pit Crew members will also be required to have their “Pit Crew Designation” in their signature so that new members and other crewmembers will know them. Most Pit Crew members will have the designation of “Pit Crew” but some members will be given the designation of “Pit Crew Chief “. Those of you that are given the designation of “Pit Crew Chief’ will have greater responsibility than “Pit Crew Members” and the Pit Crew will look to Pit Crew Chiefs for answering the tough questions and knowing all club rules and intent.
Pit Crew Chiefs will be responsible to “Pit Hop” or move from forum to forum and make sure things are going well and that all “Pit Crew” members are representing the club to the best of their ability and following club rules. It is quite likely that if club members behave in such a way that would cause the forum moderators to ban them, they may likely be banned from IRC VK56 as well.
MAKE NO MISTAKE, CREW CHIEFS ARE NOT FORUM MODERATORS BY DEFAULT. The forum has moderators and they don’t need our help. Some forum moderators may choose to do both and they WILL NOT be excluded, nobody will. Forum rules are different from forum to forum and they are separate and distinctive of club rules. I hope I have made this point quite clear.
All that is required to be a member of the Pit Crew is a strong desire to help the club grow and represent the club to the best of your ability as well as following the lead of the Pit Crew Chiefs and following the forum rules.
Certain individuals who have shown a presence on the forums that is in line with the goals of the club will be selected as Pit Crew Chiefs and we will be selecting those Crew Chiefs by the end of the week.
The “IRC Crew Chiefs” will be selecting the “Pit Crew Chiefs” and add to those ranks from time to time though promotion of a member of the Pit Crew or recruitment. “Pit Crew Member” designation may however be granted by any member of the “Pit Crew Chiefs” to fill the ranks after the initial selection of “Pit Crews” by the “IRC Crew Chiefs”. After the initial selection, the responsibility of adding to the Pit Crew will be left up to the Pit Crew Chiefs as they see fit.
I think I speak for the rest of the IRC Crew Chiefs when I say that the only reason we are even issuing titles is because we want this club to grow and realize a command hierarchy is an integral part of that growth. This is not anybody’s club, it’s everybody’s club and in keeping with that spirit, all applications are being accepted for the Pit Crews. You should also be aware that by applying for either position, crew or crew chief, automatically obligates you to take either position as the IRC Crew Chiefs see fit to designate.
Applications for Pit Crew will be accepted by any member of the IRC Crew Chiefs and all you need to do to apply is submit a PM to one of the IRC Crew Chiefs with your given name, screen name/names, email address, phone number and address along with the crew position you are applying for and few words describing why you believe you would be good at it and more importantly good for the club.
In closing I would just like to thank everyone for their interest, time and effort. Now let’s have fun, go fast and I’ll see you at the races.
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