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I wrote the check last night and drove it home!! Ordered 1-5-04. Can't stop smiling!!! :rockon

4x2 CC LE
Big Tow
Side air bags
Carpet and rubber mats
Bed divider, extender, and lower tray
Hood protector
X-pel clear bra
Tool Box
Bed tube rails

Purchase through Nissan VPP was very easy - about $150-200 below invoice.

Only thing I found this morning was a small scratch on the lower side of the driver's side rear door - hopefully that will be taken care of by the dealership.

Haven't had much of a chance to play with all the stuff on it yet, but did mess around with the RF on the way to work. I turned the SSV(?) off and went through presets for our local stations. My initial impression is that I DO NOT have the stereo/mono fading problem that some of you have described. However, I'm right in town where all the radio stations are, so that may not yet be a fair assessment. I may be heading to the beach this weekend, so that will give me a better chance to test it out.

I drove fairly conservatively this morning on I-40 (break-in, right? :explode: ) and noticed Fords, Dodges, and Chevys all slowing down to take a look. This truck is awesome!!! :thumbsup:

That's all I have to report for now. :cheers:

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You got yours 2 months 6 days after order. That's similar to others here, which is encouraging for me. Mine was ordered on 3/6. I'm envious but happy for you. Glad to hear that the radio seems OK. Keep us up to date on all the fun you'll have!
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