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offroading Plaster City Dec.30th

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just for sh!ts and giggles a few of us are offroading around the Plaster City area on the 30th of December, a sunday. anyone wanting to go let us know!!

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kartman said:
There will be a lot of people prerunning the course so keep your head up and watch for traffic.
thanks for the 411 kart, we'll be playing just norf of there, then head down that way later to tear that sh!t up in plaster, hopefully the traffic will be less, if not we can always head back up norf of there, just norf of the bombing area. i take it an MDR race is coming up in early January? i'll check the MDR schedule. oh sh!t, i was actually planning the fun in and around the superstition course! fun!!!! hey Kart, mdr site only shows 2008 schedule but shows they race on the 31st of dec, 2008. is that a tell-tale sign they'll be racing the 31st of this month too? the magic 8 ball is saying "signs point to yes".... if so, SH!T......

pogi69x said:
Where excatly and can a 2WD make to where you guys gonna be? I would just like to go and watch until I get me a TRUE TRAC and would be able to go anywhere I'm sure. Installing a Magnaflow this weekend but unsure if I could use a 2.5 dual in and 2.5 dual out with the stock exhaust on a 2007 K/C, I know the exhaust is 2.25 before the muffler.
can a 2wd make it? you'd sh!t as did 5 4x4 chebby owners i went with there and watched their mouths drop as i tore sh!t up there in my 2wd. up hills covered in loose terrain and up a hill that was nothing but sand. took me 1 try and it took 5 four-wheel drive chevys more than 4 tries getting up this sand hill. yeah, doesn't sound possible but i assure you, i have made believers out of 5 chevy owners who i heard talking behind my back say, there's no way my 2wd titan would make it up in the mountain part. so long as you have all-terrain or mud-terrain tires and you air them f*ckers down to 16 psi or less you DON'T need tru-trac, granted it helps a ton but you don't need it. hell i watched some hooligans take their moms 1999 Honda Accord and tear thru the lake bed at high speeds. some seriously funny shat!
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kartman said:
FOOK! well, maybe we'll dawn patrol it... [email protected], it IS gonna be a busy weekend. hmmmm....
alright, for any of you interested, the few of us already going are gonna meet up at 6am and head on out and start at the Ocotillo Ranger station and bomb thru! more details as to exactly where we're meeting soon.
anyone still wanting to go, let us know. we're meeting at the McDonalds in downtown Ramona at 6am and leaving shortly thereafter east on the 78 out to Ocotillo. there's about 7 of us, give or take.
WOOT!!! what a day that was!!! i always have a blast and actually hit some areas of Superstition i had not hit before especially the whoops section that just got smoother the harder you hit the gas!!! aside from Polar's kickass photos none of us took shots as we were just having a blast hauling some serious *** thru the desert. words really can't describe it, you just have to experience it really, which is really why i really don't say much about our daily desert excursions. it was finally great to get Polarbear out there so he could have some fun romping. as for me and the truck, hehe, got a wild hair up me arse and saw an MDR (mojave desert racing) Class 7 truck, me thinks, hauling *** thru a whoop section and was dying to hit. i thought, fvck it, let's hit it. peeled out, started hauling *** towards the section only to see the whoops a little bigger and tighter. had to slow down. then the section got a bit smaller at which point, i gassed it and hit it and the suspension just soaked it up. again, just does so much better at a higher speed, then out of f*cking no where a HUGE *** whoop appeared and that was the end of it. launched right off the face and while trying to brake before it i was airborn (literally) and i'm thinking whilst airborn i hit the brakes and brought my front end down and buried the front end in the hardpacked desert terrain. it was like a scene in a movie where a plane crashes in the sand. sand blanketed the windshield and flew in both windows, the cooler in the back seat exploded shooting ice everywhere hitting the windshield, making me think the tempered windshield had exploded in a million pieces. it was the feeling of shock that hit me and me co-pilot, who a split second before the big whoop, said..."look out!!! that looks big!!" LOL.... he had, for a second, thought we had flipped over, but as the sand cleared the windshield and the sunlight had reappeared and the mighty titan continued to drive on, he realized we were still upright. me, i was still trying to get my bearings. motor was still running and steering felt responsive and suspension was active so i thought, holy shat, what the hell did we launch off? despite the feeling of survival, i just knew there had to have been some sort of damage i sustained. sho nuff, after finishing the section off, got out and checked out the front only to see coolant spewing out like a stuck pig. wheels all duck-footed, camber set like a CORR truck. the extent of the damage so far is the lower portion of the bumper is bashed in which subsequently bent the bumper brackets a bit in and several components, i.e. a bracket where the coolant overflow bottle attaches to broke and cracked the bottle at the bottom leaving a crack the size of a quarter-slot in it. a-arms pushed up into the metal part of the fenders, coil-buckets bent, but frame is fine and front lower crossmember is fine. repairing the coolant overflow bottle, one thing i recommend everyone having in their toolbag is a tube of JB weld putty. that self-hardening putty is the sh!t...!!! knead till uniform in color apply to crack and wait 2 minutes till it hardens like steel. sure enough, hard as a rock in 2 minutes. re-installed the overflow bottle, filled it up, then drove over 100 miles back home and it held up the whole way home, barely. one thing i failed to do was thoroughly sand the cracked area down, since i had no sand paper (forgot to get at kragen) just fingered some sand on the area. didn't quite do a good enough job but just enough to get me home. so when i got home, i put it in park but left the motor running, popped the hood and sure enough the overflow bottle was at max but looked down and saw the jb weld putty starting to show signs of coolant seeping thru, but she held nonetheless. the next morning, coolant everywhere... LOL... well, so i must get a new coolant overflow bottle and they ain't cheap. friggin' 52 bucks for the damn thing. i'll pick it up on wednesday and R & R. coil buckets will eventually be replaced with improved shock hoops and the bumper will be replaced with a prerunner bumper which had i had one would have served its purpose. so for now, the bashed in bumper will serve as a badge of honor for launching.

can't wait to get back out there!!!! i'll just have to remember to watch out for that section...:teethmast and oh yes, the mid-travel kit is on the end of January or February, with shock hoops soon after. a bit late, but that's okay...:jester: hahahaha... oh yeah, thank god the airbags didn't go off or i'd have one sore melon right about now... :huh:
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kartman said:
Here are a few shots from raceday. I think I drove around to almost all the same spots as you guys while lost trying to get to RM13
great pics Kart! i f^ct my truck up between RM36 - RM37, where it ran right along Evan Hughes. we spent most of the day north of pc up in the superstition ohv. more sand but soft when landing from going airborne from the whoop-dees.
Man that sucks, so sorry about the damage.:crying: well I guess it kinda bumps up the upgrades :) but most important, im glad you stayed upright.

Ive had my share of rolling:upsidedow
you did that??? :teethmast
Yeah,I was in the Moreno Valley and saw a access road and could not resist.not too many places to run in O.C.anyway I found that decomposed granite is like ball bearings :D lost traction in the rear then it hooked up again but then I was pointed off the road hit a berm got launched drivers front tire landed on a small bolder which popped the bead air instantly came out bend rim and sent me into a roll. :eek: BUT that turned out to be a GOOD thing, BECAUSE I was NOT wearing a seatbelt :eek: If I didn't roll to the left I would have run straight into a BIG GIANT BOLDER. and most likely got launched threw the windshield and hit the bolder and probably died or paralyzed myself.:ugh: so I guess I'm still here for something :confused:but I'm glad I am.(KID'S PLEASE WEAR YOUR SEATBELT) and get a cage, and roll bar and fuel cell and race seats with five point harness.:D Anyway I'm glad you guys are alright.:)
LOL... glad to know yoo've survived a horrible crash. live and learn ehh? thankfully my co-pilot and i had our belts on (a bit tender across the chest and my neck is sore) AND thankfully the airbags didn't deploy. u should've been there with us! it was a blast!
I would have loved to go, But remember I'm still working on the house:crying: and I've had the living room tore up and had the last ten days off.I'm skimming now then paint.that will make the wife happy,well me too its not fun sitting in a mess. and after paint I will hang the 50" plasma :) and the onkyo/polk 6.1 system :D I redid all the electrical and ran the speaker wire so everything looks C-L-E-A-N. Anyway when you get your rig back together maybe we can start another desert meet.I still need to get the battery hold down thing remedied.have you addressed that yet? I REALLY NEED TO PUT IN SOME OT because next time we go out I want to have a TRUTRAC AND 3:73's:D
well, gonna have to figure something new out with the battery tray as the OEM one is broken since the ball joint in the a-arm shot right up into the fender pushing the metal up, cracking the plastic battery tray causing the battery to slope forward. thank god for spiral-gel batteries ain't nothing leaking out, hehe
TitanicDJ said:
Hey Hoolie...

Check this out
Overflow Bottle

Not sure if it's a direct replacement but it's a little cheaper. More dinero later for the buckets or mid-travel kit:cheers:
sweet, but unfortunately our cooling system is pressurized as is the coolant bottle reservoir. sucks! but i would've bought this cheap version...

The radiator cap is a true cap with NO venting like traditional radiators. Our venting takes place on the reservoir cap. The reservoir is a flow thru design and part of the pressure system, that is why you see fluid moving from the upper reservoir hose out thru the bottom reservoir hose. Thus, the radiator cap should not be replaced with spring loaded traditional radiator cap.
You know that reminds me, I was watching speed channel and they where at the 2007 SEMA show and some guy had a battery that had 900 cold cranking amps and was half the size and weight of a conventional battery. I'm gonna research that.:upsidedow And by the way, NICE FENDERS! any profile pic's with those on.
here's a shot of the prototypes which are now on my titan...
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