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offroading Plaster City Dec.30th

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just for sh!ts and giggles a few of us are offroading around the Plaster City area on the 30th of December, a sunday. anyone wanting to go let us know!!

1. DezertRunner
2. SDtitan
3. h00ligan
4. TitanicDJ
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Man, I haven't posted in awhile... but like SD said, we all had a blast. We all met 6am in Ramona, Hooligan, SDTitan1, DezertRunner and myself. Started off roading in Ocotillo Wells and worked our way back to Plaster City.

Just off the main road airing down

Great morning but there was absolutely no wind so the dust clouds just hung around and at some points we were driving blind

First pit stop after testing out the suspension. This road my look smooth but most of us went air born at some point...haha
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Second pit stop

Deciding on the next spot up to Superstition Hill, you can see it in the background with the towers

On the rim of Superstition Hill

Land Rover Defender heading to the top of Superstition, check out the sand

Looking down from the rim
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We ended up on the race course for MDR (Bud Light 200) here's one going by..

Watching next to the Red Bull Chase Truck

We all had a great time I ended up with a lot of brush scraps down both side and I'm sure Hoolie will have a story to tell....:cheers:
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Hey Hoolie...

Check this out
Overflow Bottle

Not sure if it's a direct replacement but it's a little cheaper. More dinero later for the buckets or mid-travel kit:cheers:
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