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offroading Plaster City Dec.30th

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just for sh!ts and giggles a few of us are offroading around the Plaster City area on the 30th of December, a sunday. anyone wanting to go let us know!!

1. DezertRunner
2. SDtitan
3. h00ligan
4. TitanicDJ
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damn, forgot about the New Year's Dash......

yeggsfab said:
racing his Class 1 baja bug
class 1 baja bug??
06_SMOKE_SE_CC said:
dammit, had to guys go?? how was it?? any pics or vids to post??
4 of us went and had a great time, we hit a few trails away from the race area first, sand and dirt trails, tons of whoops, washes, etc. The trucks kicked as s, there's nothing like going full throttle on a wash. All have suspension worked on by PRG and it worked flawlessly, my truck ached for more travel and tore the bumpstops to shreds because of it but did excellent nonetheless.........I didn't take any pics, I think TitanicDJ did, hopefully he got pics of the dunes our 2wds (hooligan and I) were able to traverse with tires aired down to the teens....
kartman said:
great that the christmas tree bonfire in the middle of the pic?
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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