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offroading Plaster City Dec.30th

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just for sh!ts and giggles a few of us are offroading around the Plaster City area on the 30th of December, a sunday. anyone wanting to go let us know!!

1. DezertRunner
2. SDtitan
3. h00ligan
4. TitanicDJ
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There will be a lot of people prerunning the course so keep your head up and watch for traffic.
They are racing the 31st, the area will be very busy all week.
Your sure its not Class 5 open?
06_SMOKE_SE_CC said:
if only i hadn't moved from mira mesa to arizona 7 months ago...:crying:

From maricopa its only 3-3.5 hours to PC. I went out Sun night to film the race monday then back.
Here are a few shots from raceday. I think I drove around to almost all the same spots as you guys while lost trying to get to RM13

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that the big plant with the orange light
1 - 6 of 38 Posts
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