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Oil Catch can

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I ran a quick search but nothing came up.

My other vehicle is a dodge charger, recently there has been alot of buzz on the benefits of the oil catch can...especially with the SRT versions (they have oil squirters) I have an R/T with nearly 10k, havent picked one up yet becuase i figure the damage would have already been done.

With my titan just hitting the 1200 mile mark i was wondering if anyone makes these for us or if anyone has rigged something up themself.

Thanks in advance for any input
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Billet technology makes teh one i have been looking at for my charger...its like a hundred bucks.

I have just seen alot of disturbing photos of cylinders all gunked up from even very lightly modded rides. There are tons of threads with pics on this catch can subject, here is one if you want to check it out:

I would definitely shell out a hundred bucks for the protection and peace of mind. It has been proven on the charger, just curious about the titan.

Thanks again
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