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Pijetro said:
I've bought an '06 CC LE, and it's got 9500 miles on it so far. I'm not familiar with it's history....

Nonetheless, I'll be driving back to Canada (600 miles), and going for a hunting trip this fall (2200 miles), pulling a 5'x10' trailer with a small ATV, and three fat slobs...:teeth:

Reading up on the forums, and the potential differential problems, would you suggest to change the diff oil immediately, before the trip, after the trip, or don't worry about it??
04s didn't come with synthetic. A lot of us with the 04s were changing it around 15,000 miles to 75w140 synthetic. That's where a lot of the hype about changing it early came from. I think 9500 is a bit early myself.

I'll be headed to god's country later this month to shoot some sky maggots. Good hunting!
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