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Oil filter help.

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Hey guys I've been a lurker for a while, but have made a few posts. This is bothering me. I haven't been into DIY mechanics for long at all, so today I cleaned my air filters for the first time (still hoping I did it right.) I was at Autozone and realized I haven't changed my oil filter and it's an 06. I think it's about time, but I have no idea where to begin since I've never changed oil before in my life (pretty spoiled by my parents and didn't have a drive to learn in highschool days.) I really would like to get to know more about my truck and work on it more, baby needs some love am I right? I've googled how to change oil filter but nothing came up, just hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks for your time -David
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Changing your oil is not rocket science and although you are apprehensive, after the first time it will be a snap. You don't say what you have, but for the 2WD the most difficult part is removing the skid plate. I believe the 4WD Titans have an access panel in the skid plate. If you can have you dad or a friend help the first time and show you a few tips it would be great.

One more word of advice. List what kind of Titan you have and what options you have in your signature. It will help others who are trying to help you. Take a look at my sig or others around here for examples.

You gave great advice to a newby. People like you are what this forum is all about. Thanx.
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