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Oil filter help.

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Hey guys I've been a lurker for a while, but have made a few posts. This is bothering me. I haven't been into DIY mechanics for long at all, so today I cleaned my air filters for the first time (still hoping I did it right.) I was at Autozone and realized I haven't changed my oil filter and it's an 06. I think it's about time, but I have no idea where to begin since I've never changed oil before in my life (pretty spoiled by my parents and didn't have a drive to learn in highschool days.) I really would like to get to know more about my truck and work on it more, baby needs some love am I right? I've googled how to change oil filter but nothing came up, just hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks for your time -David
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Ok, thanks. I've seen my dad change the oil before, so I can take it to him and watch him change it. So after I drain all of the oil, I should take off the filter then? Because I'm thinking if I do it before then everything is going to get really messy haha. Also I do know that you're supposed to get oil inside of the filter before installing it or running because someone told me if you don't then it can get really hot and be hard to take off in the future. Do you know the best method to get some oil running through it?
Thanks for all your help. While I have your attention, there's just a few things I want to do to my truck overtime to improve it. First thing is the K&N. I've got to save up almost $400 to get it though. Does anyone know a really good parts site to go to? I'll be wanting some stuff. Engine-wise: K&N, new spark plugs would be nice, maybe and that's a MAYBE some new cams and valves (far future). Suspension: I would also like to look into getting a leveling kit, just a leveling kit though, I can not afford a suspension lift atm. Cosmetic: New grille/emblems, maybe a few bada** nismo ones for if I ever get my dream catbacks :*) and some fender flares would look cool. Anyways, if you guys know a sweet place like that with good prices, let me know. Thanks again guys
Great thanks man. Do you have any other links like this that can compare hp/tq for engine/intake/exhaust parts?
Ha thanks for asking doyle, I've been trying to get a job at the local oil place around here since I'm currently unemployed(which sucks). I haven't gotten around to it yet mainly because I need about $20 for the oil. I wish they sold QS Q Horsepower around here because I heard some good reviews on it, but I'll probably just go with whatever Advanced Auto has. I can say it's probably going to end with my face covered in oil haha
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