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Oil leakage

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Anyone had problems with oil leaking around the u-joint at the t-case and rear drive shaft. I noticed a little bit splattered on the underside of my truck and pinned it to that location. Doesn't seem to do it all the time just at high speed around 70 mph. Also on my rear axle I have a little oil seapage on the gear box housing. They look to be where it was welded to the axle There are 4 indentions 2 on front and 2 on the rear on either side of your cover and for some reason oil is seaping at those indentions. Anybody seen anything like this?
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I Had The Same Problem. Noticed Oil Spots On Rear Bumper And Trailer I Was Pulling Last Week. Monday Went To Monroe, La Got Back To Hattiesburg, Ms And Took A Look Under Truck. Bed And Fuel Tank Covered With Gear Oil. Dropped It Off At Local Dealership In Hatt., Petro Motors. Pinion Seal Was Bad, Replaced Under Warranty And Did The Rear Door Wire Harness Recall. Completed In 1/2 Day. Great Service !!! Sounds Like You Have The Exact Same Problem. Better Call Gray Danials And Let Them Take A Look.
My Truck 2005, 25,700 Miles.
I took my truck in the other day because I had noticed more leaks. Ended up the coolant lines leaking factory recall, Front pinion seal, rear slip yoke, and spot welds on rear axle housing. Parts ordered so hopefull I will get it fixed soon. Just thought I would let everyone know so you can keep an eye out.
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