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Oil Leaks........

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Hey guys thought I should let everyone know my troubles so that you can help prevent them from happening to you. So after 3 weeks of my 06 with less than 24k leaking all over the driveway this is what the dealership has replaced/done (sorry if it sounds weird I know nothing about parts but this is what it says on the papers):

-1st time: Re-torqued the transfer case bolt back in
-2nd time (2days later): Found that the transfer case bolt and seal was not there!!! So they replaced the bolt/seal!
-3rd time (And still in the shop): Driveshaft seal leaking which means they are going to replace the entire driveshaft as they have seen this happening on Titans where the driveshaft is tearing up the seal.

I just wanted to make a list of problems I've been having this month so that everybody can have a heads up and hopefully prevent it. Luckily its def under warranty so the dealership is paying for ALL of this so far ;)
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Had my whole transfer case replaced. Good luck. Hopefully they fix the real problem. A lot of the nissan dealerships service departments are terrible.Mine was leaking from the switch. I had to find the real problem for them and told them what to fix. Good Luck.
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