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Oil Pan Leak

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I have a 2004 Titan SE with just over 75000 miles on it. It has developed a leak around the oil pan. Nissan seems to use RVT for these gaskets. I have found a few places that sell a oil pan gasket for this truck. Anyone use one of these or do you think I should just use the RVT again?
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Had an engine oil leak on my 17 Titan SV that turned out to be the oil pan gasket, and yes they are silicone and i would like to know why. Dealership said is was a common issue... Worse part is that they put the old oil (7,000 miles on the oil) back into the truck because warranty will not cover the oil change. Anybody else experience this?
That is low. You should call Nissan and complain about the dealership reusing the drained oil. If this was recent, I would change it out quick. Their containers are typically filthy. Also, find another dealership.....
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