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Oil Pressure Guage

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I recently had to get a new 2011 KC Pro-4X to replace my 2004 KC LE with Big Tow and Off Road Package. One thing I have noticed about my new truck is the oil pressure gauge doesn't work. When you start the truck it moves to the middle position and just sits there. I only have about 400 miles on the new truck so I realize this could be a bad gauge or sending unit from the factory, but I have spent some time today searching this forum and it appears that somewhere around 2007 Nissan stopped putting oil pressure gauges in the Titans and replaced them with an idiot gauge.

My first question is, can anyone confirm this?

My second question is, if this is true, has anyone figured out how to use this idiot gauge as an actual oil pressure gauge? I really want / need an oil pressure gauge and hate to have to add a gauge elsewhere in the truck, but will if that's what I have to do to get one.

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So many people freaked out about the gauge moving, they made a dummy out of it. If it goes down now, you are in trouble! :lol:
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