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Ok so I bought a 2011 PRO-4X and I was going to put a shell on it, but have decided not to as it's my new work truck and baby it. Also because I decided to buy a van, so I no longer need a shell. I still need a lid on it, so I can lock stuff up daily and when am towing my Tacoma. I had/have the Snugtop cover on my GMC and HATE it. I buy a lot of big items like tires, axles etc and hate the fact that Snugtop is heavy, requires 2 or 3 people, scratches easy, locking system has broken 3 times, etc


MUST be able to still use the Nissan track system
light weight where 1 or 2 people are only needed
water tight
looks nice
will last
Can stand on it
lock system won't fail from using it 20 times a day

Any help would be nice as I don't want to kick myself later. Yes I know prices on everything went up since I sell Jeep parts etc, so cost is not really what am looking at.
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