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Oklahoma Titans? Where yall at?

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I'm west of Tulsa. Where's everyone else from?
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Thief broke into the T last night. Didn't take nothing. I hate these pricks. Really short video since my camera sensitivity was too low (fixed). My dang spot lights also didn't come on.

How the heck did he open that door so quick?? Was it locked? At least you have an idea of what he looks like...
My wife left the door unlocked, again. This happened about 4 years ago with her old car too. Left the damn door unlocked and stole the radio and her cell phone.

We can park her truck in the garage too, but requires her to fold the mirrors in everytime which is a pain in the ***. I've been looking for some power folding LE mirrors to fix that problem.
My Murano is hail damaged pretty bad. Power lines were knocked down a block over took out our power.
We brought our Pathfinder to Flair Body Works here in Moore two years back. It also had bad hail damage. They had it back to perfect in 1 day.
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I have no clue what that is...where it is...what it look like...I'd sooner just meet y'all down there. I'll be the guy in the Titan with a beer in his hand! Haha!

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BJ's restaurant you sicko! Right off the interstate. They got a good selection of brew too.
I was just at Sheppard for jemic course. It had been since about 2003 since I was last there (7 lvl school). They have since torn down my old dorm though.

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You're in the MXG?

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Safety Office. 76 mxw.

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Anybody got a hook up on window tint in Norman/S OKC? I need to get my front doors re-done. (Darker) while I'm up in September.
I wouldn't call it a hook up, but the guy's at Malibu's on 4th St in Moore did a damn good job on Maxima when I had it. Reasonable prices.
Just saw that T on Eastern on Friday.

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Any one in okc see a black raptor with police lights? Usually when I see Chargers I look at the visors for led lights and extra antennas. But today in north moore I saw a black raptor with 3 antennas on the back window and thought maybe CB and XM radios till I passed him and saw LED bars in place of the visors like an undercover. Seemed impractical to hang off road lights there and figured they are either police or fireman lights.

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I know this is old, but that raptor has construction lights. They are allowed to have blue,red,yellow facing the rear. I saw it a few weeks ago.

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