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Oklahoma Titans? Where yall at?

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I'm west of Tulsa. Where's everyone else from?
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late addition, had my T just over a month livin in moore stationed tinker

damn now thats a meet. when and where was it,
might not have any thing special but it looks good to have a line of T's posted up
thats pretty funny, but as far as the ruff terrain, sounds great, and if im in town then im down
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damn u guys, i wanna go. i never get to do ****. stupid military schedualing.

any of you guys know a good off road area near moore or norman
same here. iv heard of the river but havent made it down there yet, not really sure where its at lol.
hey Pops, what place do you have in mide for off roading?
yeah that would be great, i live in north moore and i cant wait to get home and find some thing
Hey pops did u ever find I good place to get off road around here?

And does any one know of a good place to take the dogs out to run around? I know there is a small God park in Norman and one north of base but I was hoping for something better. Idk like to get out today since its nice out before it gets to cold, maybe we can have a dog/Titan meet some time soon
I think we should have a meet up on Sunday. Nothing big just small and quick notice. If its nice out
Well I took mine to the dog park in del city last a few days ago but my male was showing his @as and pinned down a pit who started growing at my female. So next time I go ill probably just take sugar cause she does so much better with strafe dogs. He may just have to much testosterone going on,
So Sunday at which park? What time? Who's in?
What time do u usually go. I'm in Texas and will be driving back either tonight or early in the morning
afternoon would be great for me too. ill br driving back and should make it into town around noon or 1. which park do yall like better?
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