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Old Town Cruise Rules for Friday Night March 7th!!!

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This was just brought to my attention so I will address it. This was a post I just got...and my reply to it.

Kopperking said:
Newbie Question...
According to the "Old Town Cruise Rules"
Rule number one states there must be "At least 4 non-factory mods"
Now I'm sure, I have at least 4 mods, but do they Need to be Visual?

Good point man!!! They make an acception for us because we bring in so many. We get VIP treatment bro! YOU DO NOT NEED ANY MODS!!! You can be COMPLETLY stock.
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i was looking at the old town website and on their "events" section they have a nova meet showing for the weekend of march 7 and 8th???? and it is for 08 too. i hope they don't have 2 events scheduled on the same day.
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