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i got this older 1988 camping trailer from a buddy, i having problems with the lights. All the side marker lights work, now heres the problem. When i turn my lights on on my truck all the marker lights come on but no tail lights, when i press the brake the driver side brake lights come on as well as the driver side reverse light, no brake lights come on on the pass side, when i signal left the signal liughts work, when i signal right no lights come on, when i put the truck in reverse no lights come on, when i put my 4 way flashers on only the driver side tail lights flash. Every bulb works and are new. The trailer wiring it in the floor of the trailer so itd be hard to believe theres a dammaged wire, i doubt a mouse would chew through a randome wire, could it be my trailer light plug on my truck? my buddie said they worked fine last year on his 02 Chev 4x4. any help is awesome as we leave for the lake tomorrow night!
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