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...where things dont seem to want to work right or turn into a huge pile of crap in a hurry. Im having one of those.

Everything that I touch at work seems to be disintegrating fast. Last night, I attempted to install a step-up assist, only to find that I spun the carriage bolt in the bumper and now have to figure out a way to get that out - thanks to our good friend oxidation. Today, I find out that two of the bolts I took out for the step up assist are basically junk - fortunately they're being replaced. My impact quit working on me until I started messing with it and got it working again somehow. And I have an Amazon Tap that someone gave me that doesnt seem to want to register on my network.

On the upside, my truck is back together and is still running well - even though its being a pain on the step up assist deal. I get to work from home, which Im most grateful for. Except for chronic issues that I cant do anymore about - Im generally healthy.

Its 5 o'clock somewhere, right?
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