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Opinions on my mudding Titan truck?

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Hey I just got my titan out of the shop for the third time and I think Im about done with it for now besides getting the windows tinted and a custom glass etching in the back. I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions on what to do next. Oh and she is built for mudding everything about her is water tight and built for easy cleaning. She performs better then any Ford or Jeep I have ever taken in the mud even before the lift and wheels. I believe the Titan king cabs will one day leave there mark in the offroad performance world. thanks everyone
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If you have taken care of the visual aspect of the truck, why not spend a little cash for the performance on it? Make it louder with a new muffler or entire exhaust system? Or go with some new headers?
From what i can tell in your av, she looks real nice. Now you can make her sound real nice too.

Best of luck to you.

OH, and goat... That Samuel L thing freaks me out every time i see it!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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