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Opinions on my mudding Titan truck?

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Hey I just got my titan out of the shop for the third time and I think Im about done with it for now besides getting the windows tinted and a custom glass etching in the back. I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions on what to do next. Oh and she is built for mudding everything about her is water tight and built for easy cleaning. She performs better then any Ford or Jeep I have ever taken in the mud even before the lift and wheels. I believe the Titan king cabs will one day leave there mark in the offroad performance world. thanks everyone
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I would have attached the pictures or the stats on the truck at the bottom of my message but I dont know how. Oh and it already has true dual mandrel bend flowmaster exhaust as well as mac air intake so its pretty loud I think. Can someone tell me how to post with the little stats below my messages or even to post a picture.....I think I tried and it said I need to post atleast 15 or something before attaching pictures.
OK I dont know why I couldnt do this before but here are the pics for my truck.


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Yes it is a Kennesaw front and rear bumper and I would like to add that it is probably the most complicated install ever concidering there are no instructions and they do not make mounts for you just the bumper so you have to figure out how to do it yourself. This required quite a bit of welding and additional parts. The front cross member had to be cut out and replaced for a beefier one and much more.

P.S. even though the kennesaw front bumper has a winch slot cut into it and the website says you can mount a winch.....trying to do so with what they give you will result in a complete disaster if you use your winch for anything heavier then 20 pounds without first rebuilding it the winch mount area.
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