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Optima D35 perfect fit

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Didn't see anything on the Optima D35, so I thought I post some info. My less that two year old battery was leaking around the positive post, so it was time for an upgrade. Got the optima D35 delivered to my door for $176 and it fits with no problems.

here are the pics:

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Was thinking about a different battery for my '06 and the Optimas are suppose to be the sh*t. I thought they were backwards though. Cool beans.
Red top 35 or yellow top D35 have reverse terminals and fit.

Couldn't find that model local, so ordered from here:
So what if anything made you decide on the yellow top deep cycle instead of red? I basically want a bomb proof starter batt. but when camping etc, I may run accessories off the truck for a night between starting the rig and and recharging. Other than the the somewhat different spec's, is it it worth the extra 25 bux? Thanx.
Yellow top can do plenty of cranking down here in the south, not many nights below freezing, plus the running the radio or lights thing while camping.

44 AH 720 CCA 910 CA red top
48 AH 650 CCA 810 CA yellow top.

If the truck starts ok with a group 24 (non big tow)
then this should be fine ;-)

To answer your question, don't know if it is better, just looked better for my needs when camping.
Optimas really aren't worth the money anymore in my opinion. Those of us with boats deal alot with batteries. Don't get me wrong, Optimas are nice batteries but batteries in general have gotten better. If you want high end look into Trojan Batteries. They are typically cheaper and are better than the Optimas. In my humble opinion. :lookaroun
i have the optima D35 and it SUCKS!!! i wouldn't go so far as to say the battery was dead because all the lights, radios and accessories still worked fine. BUT..... the battery didn't have enough cranking power to even get the starter to crank. PATHETIC optima battery!!! its probably a year and a half old... definitely trashing the D35 and going back to the Odyssey but a smaller model than i had last. OPTIMAS SUCK DONKEY BALLS!!!!!!!!!!
DezertRunner: If you're having problems with the Optima take it back. It's still under warranty. Every manufacturer will have a problem with a product or two. Optima's usually perform very well under high loads and abuse. I have had 4 optimas in my boat with a large stereo system. I have drained them so many times I can't even count and they still charge up nicely and power the system for long periods year after year. And just to add, if you're having a problem with a battery 9 times out of 10 it's an indicator of some other problem. I would suggest doing a load check on your system and see if something is pulling power when you're not running the truck. Just a suggestion before coming on here and slamming a product that has a rock solid history of performing. Again, just a suggestion. I have no experience with Odyssey batteries but hear good things about them. I most likely will check them out when the time comes. I am currently shopping around for a battery for the Titan and Odyssey is on the list.

Patrick: I've never heard of Trojan batteries. I just checked out the website and I will say I noticed that their performance numbers aren't nearly as high as other brands.
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Wow, seems like I posted that yesterday. Update: It is over three years now and my Optima is still going strong.
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Thanks for posting all this info, LearJet. I appreciate you sharing.

My second Nissan OEM battery just crapped out on me yesterday. Same exactly as the first one- 31 months and only one slow cranking warning before it was completely dead, and completely useless. Interestingly enough, the second OEM battery lasted two weeks longer than first battery but with less the half the driven miles or starting attempts than the first. I think they have a built in fail at just past 30 months (which, by the way, is exactly the time it is prorated to no value on a trade-in for new battery).

I had been preparing for this and bought a new 27 Optima Yellow Top last May (based on the size 27 OEM battery in the truck now) I had been using it as a second battery in my boat this summer. I wasn't too happy this morning when I pulled the Optima from the boat and noticed that it was taller than the size 27 OEM battery and had the terminals reversed....oh well, at least the boat gets to keep a great battery :)

But again, thanks. With the info provided, I am armed with the knowledge that the 35 Yellow Top fits and works well, so I will be picking one up tomorrow morning. No more crappy OEM batteries for me.

Thanks again!
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