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Order for your truck to be delivered to your home

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Okay, I have read many of the messages concerning going out of state to purchase a Titan. That is a good option. Here is another approach that I used 2 years ago when I purchased my new Acura TL.

I went to and put in my criteria for the car and how far I was willing to drive to pick it up. I received 3 emails and phone calls from dealers in several states.

To make a long story short--I ordered the exact car I wanted from a dealer in the next state. The car was delivered in 6 weeks to my home--they unloaded my car from the car carrier right in my driveway (the neighbors were impressed ;) AND I saved approx. $2K. Local dealers would not deal on the car because it was a hot seller but the out of state dealer received a dealer incentive even when selling the care for less than the local dealers.

I had a check from my bank so when they delivered the car, I filled out two forms, gave them my check, and they gave me the keys.

I can't speak for others, but my experience using the Internet to order/find the dealer/car worked perfectly.