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I won't mention one of our members by name but I do want to THANK them for helping me track my new truck. I did have an order number and an ETA but it bothered me I did not have a VIN. Within a period of 1 hour I had ALL the information on my truck and yes it is in transit. YAHOO. I will be camped out on the dealer’s doorstep from now on. My dealer is great but just could not provide the information I wanted. This site is great and so are the people. I will be posting pictures, as soon as I get the truck. Any day now and counting. By the way I have been reading the post from you guys that are having bad issues with your trucks. I am really bummed that you have to experience this with such a great truck. I had the same issue with my PT Cruiser as I was one of the first ones to own one. Hopefully your issues will be resolved and as with any new vehicle things do happen and that is a chance anyone takes with any new vehicle that comes out still I know it is hard to deal with. Thanks again to our members:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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