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ordered uprev but...

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well when i ordered, they gave me an order number and everything but no dates on when it will get here or anyhting. i ordered on a friday night so i'm guessing they wont contact me or anything till monday but i just dunno if it went thru or not. any of this happen to you guys?
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Mnay have been a bit confused by the order process (I shocked them by placing 3 orders! Made their day till they discovered my error. LOL ) They will call you an explain everything if doing the mail in tune. Too much for just a clickity click on line order. Very good people to work with, just wait till Monday. Call your credit card to see if anything posted, but it may not show right away.
dude... you ordered on a friday? worse day to do it.

i get online orders on friday and anything after 3pm doesn't even get looked at till monday because we're so busy getting previous orders from earlier in the week out. hang in there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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