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whats the difference between the osiris and cipher?

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Cipher is a Diagnostic program sold by UpRev. It checks hundreds of circuits in the ECU, ABS, and BCM. It allows you to do a 2 degree Timing Advance on 04-07 Titans. You can monitor numerous performance parameters.

UpRev learned how to custom tune the Titans for greater power, etc. Originally, you had to mail in your ECU for them to reflash it with their tune. Now, they will sell you the Osiris software, which simply allows you to upload thier tunes, into your ECU while it is still on the truck. You do not determine the tuning, just upload the file they create.

When you buy Osiris, they include Cipher. Mail in Tunes cost between 300-500. Cipher is 400. Osiris is 710. It is the best value, since it includes the Cipher, allowing you to check condition of you engine any time. And Uprev will give you updated files to upload to your ECU, if you make a change or they see a need to fine tune, based upon your Cipher test logs. Beats mailing in your ECU again and again.
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