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Ouch my brain

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So 2 days ago my truck started to act funny right after I put 20 gallons of 87 octane in the tank. This is no different then any other fill up. In fact I used that exact pump only 5 days earlier. Any way as I drove away the engine paused for a second and then resumed full power, it did it again a little farther down the road again. I don't know how to describe it any better. It acted like I was out of gas, but obviously that wasn't a problem. In fact I wasn't 100% sure that the engine was having problems, it was a bumpy road, and I thought that maybe on the bump that maybe I feathered the throttle...

So I got to work, and she sits for 8 hrs. when I try to start her..... big problems..... cranked over fired, and then ..... Chug chug sputter chug ....... nothing...... tried again..... same thing.

so I am pissed thinking I got bad gas... tried a bunch of tricks used on my old chev. but nothin.... so on the flatbed she went back to the dealer after they look at it for the day, all the technicians are stumped......

today they call me and tell me that one of the guys there has an identical truck, and they spent the day swaping parts to figure it out.... Ends up being the Brain box....

so after that long story my question is, has anybody else had their ECU take a dump. I have gone through the whole gambit of 04 problems, hope I am done my warrenty runs out Nov. 7 '07... Keeping my fingers crossed.
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was it the ecm or the ipdm? one of our other techs here just wenth threw that same problem. he found it to be the ipdm. aftyer he had changed the ecm.
stevie ray nissan tech
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