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over-heating problems when hauling / towing

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does anyone have any problems with their engine over heating while pulling / hauling any mid - full size trailers with a good amount of weight on it?
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I have not had any problems with anything towing a 27' 7000lb travel trailer.
The key is don't tow in 5th(OD) and drop to 3rd before the trans thinks you should...This is the same advise for just about any truck towing.
I usually tow in summer up 6% grade with a 24' Toybox. It's 7200lbs empty so it's probably 8000lbs for camping. I only have problems when I tow up the hill at too high rpms. I just slow down and the engine temp come down. I'm waiting on Stillen new radiator and thinking of adding the stillen aux radiator.
There have been very few reported issues of excessive coolant temps...As for high RPM, the Titan's engine is designed to rev and to do so for guite a while.
Up hills, 3500-3700 is no problem....
There was a recall for some 07's with bad wiring to the electric fan; that could cause problems when towing if you haven't had it fixed. And I'd agree with keeping the transmission in lower gears under load to help it stay cooler.
There was a recall for some 07's with bad wiring to the electric fan; that could cause problems when towing if you haven't had it fixed.
That's correct, the fan was wired backwards so it tried to blow air forward...
No problems with mine. I have towed about 10,000 miles since last spring with a 26' travel trailer fully loaded, in the mountains and in the flat. No problem.
I had that same problem on my 07 and the dealer did the fix and it was fine after that.
i pull a 25 foot at about 7200 lbs loaded. not any problems yet. keep it in fourth
My '06 CC 4X4 LE ran a little hot in 07/2006... it was 116° and we were heading up the Baker Grade into Las Vegas with a 23' Fleetwood Nitrous HyperLite. The total weight was about 13500lbs for both the truck and trailer (had it weighed in Utah, 6800 for the truck and 6300 for the trailer.)

Anyway, I had the A/C on and was only doing about 40MPH and the engine temp went up to the 3/4 mark line. It never went past that mark... Turning off the A/C brought the temps back down.

I later found that the radiator cap was dripping some coolant, as if it wasn't tight enough. It could have been pressure related? The cap was replaced under warranty.

In 04/2007 I did the same trip, was a little lighter and running the Baker Grade at 80° at 65MPH with the A/C on, the temp gauge never moved off normal.

The trans has always remained cool even when towing up some awfully ugly hills in CO during July.
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