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Overhead console questions

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Ok, have a '14 Pro 4 with the long (and it is) overhead console/storage unit. Has anyone removed it, replaced or just got rid of it? I want to place the CB up in that area if the holes are already there rather than trying to build it into the unit. Also, is there a separate piece for the front part of the storage, would like to keep at least the first two and the rear unit, just don't need all the in-between.
Thanks for the help. :smile:
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Looking into that also. Just don't want to cut anything but man that is a bit of wasted space. The first two cubes I can use well enough but the rest are not really placed well for driver or passenger unless stopped or in the back seat. The rear unit I can see as it would have housed a DVD player/screen. The CB is one of the Cobra Ultralight series so is fairly small and lightweight. I have an old under the seat model with the channel selection on the mic but no place for that either without disrupting the electronics on everything (did it once on my '91 Hardbody, what a surprise when I used it).
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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