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I need to replace my overhead console. What I need would look like the attached. I have a 2008 CC SE without a sunroof or DVD. I have been shopping online used parts and am finding two descriptions:

1. 4DR, Gray, K roof, Without sunroof; SE
2. 4DR, Gray, W roof, Without sunroof; SE

Not sure the policy on naming parts suppliers but it is essentially a site where salvage yards post parts. I find these two references repeatedly when looking for an overhead console. It may be simple but I can't figure out what difference is between a "K roof" vs "W roof". Both say they fit the Crew cab.

Anyway, It looks like I can get it for about $85 used vs $250 new. If I order the wrong part I will have to pay a 20% restocking fee and return shipping. I'll probably take a gamble if no one knows the difference.



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