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P1027 Service Engine Soon Check engine light

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Bought the afe Stage II despite the warnings :)dunno: why)?

I havent even hit a WOT with it and the SES light comes on. It ran fine a few days then i did a Muffler swap and the next day the light is on.

Stopped by autozone and the plugged out a P1027 Bank one TOO RICH trouble code.

I really liked teh design of the filter and also it's size. I figured if anything i would get alot more air from it and lean things out.

The vendor says maybe it's because it is getting too much air and teh ecu is adjusting and supplying more fuel?? AFE is supposedly working on a solution for me, i provided as much detail as i could and also what i had read on this forum about the maf sensor placement and what not...afe was not even aware Titans were Flex Fuel.

Anyone have any input besides the obvious - "told ya so's"

I'd like to keep the intake, but can't live the light.