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P2A03 A/F sensor circuit ranger/performance (Bank 2 sensor 1)...What gives?

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I haven't had a single problem with my truck in a long time now but this morning on my way to work this P2A03 code popped up. I can't remember if it means a bad 02 sensor and what side it is. Is it the right side, front? Could changing over to 93 oct cause it to be out of range? I can't see how it could though since I'm on the uprev tune to run 93. I guess i'll try going crawling under the truck and see if I some how got unplugged or have a leak around the 02.

Anyone else run into this while using uprev and 93 oct gas?
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I can hear a really bad leak at WOT...loud enough to make me think its coming from the headers and not the 02 sensor. Anyone ever had a header leak pop a code?
Not exactly, but I had an o2 sensor leaking causing that code. Techs at nissan stripped it, bad. Replaced driver side o2, no more codes.
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