I have a Pace Edwards JackRabbit Series By Leer Retractable Tonneau Cover. I bought it brand new still in the box after opening the box noticed it had a torn weather stripping on the driver's side rail so I contacted Tonneau Covers World Where I bought it from they said that they would just send me new weather stripping piece for the rail. I didn't like that suggestion so they said would I take a different brand at the same cost as the one I purchased and I said what do you have? They ended up giving me a Gator Trax Pro MX Series Retractable Tonneau Cover that retailed for $1900.00 I only paid $1365.00 for the Pace Edwards one so I took their offer. So they said I could keep the Pace Edwards one so that is why I am selling it. The weatherstripping can be replaced all I have to do is order it from Leer which I am in the middle of doing now. So basically I am selling a Tonneau cover that costs $1400.00 for $750.00. Plus the shipping costs. It weighs around 40lbs so it won't be too bad to ship from Cape Coral Florida to anywhere in the lower 48.
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