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Anyone know where to get a can of good touch up paint with the right color code for my truck.

I have an 07 white it called White, I had heard of a Blizzard White once.

I want to paint the rear bumper and need a good paint and clear coat that comes in a spray can...kinda like Dupli-Color

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took two seconds on it out
Looks like the stuff...thanks
go to your local autobody supply store. they can look up your truck with the correct paint code, mix it, and give it to you same day. Or go to the dealership, but that'll take a week to 10 days to arrive.
i use a place local to me called autocolor (very orig. i know) they can look up code scan a piece of paper with the color on it and make it work they use PPG and OMNI paint and clear coat. im nto sure about a can but i have a gun
nyc07_king.titan said:
took two seconds on it out
Was that nessasary???:soap:


Try helping next time.
One in every crowd....LMAO
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