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Painted Stock Headlights Black Mod

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I just finished the headlight mod last weekend and finally took some pics to show everyone. it looks so much better then stock with it all blacked out but it did take a lil time to pull the headlights apart but in the long run it was way worth it here are some pics for you guys..

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Looks good! This is my next mod, just got done smokin' the tail lights and the chrome "burger" in the rear. Really dig the look on the smoke and black trucks.
Looks good. I'm really debating whether I should lightly smoke my tail lights or not. Only thing that's holding me back is that I still want my brake lights to be bright. :/
I would love to do this to mine, Do you mind sharing some tips on what type of paint etc.? And how did you paint your grill emblem? :futwice:
well do the taillight tint it does not restrict much at all at night you cant even tell at all that there tinted when the lights are on. i also cut out the reverse lights on mine cause i liked the look of it

as of the front headlight painting i just stuck them in the oven for about 20 min or so till the glue got hot and ripped them apart. i did not sand them or anything unlike the other posts on here and they turned out perfect. just used 2 cans of gloss black krylon spray paint and it turned out awesome i also painted all 3 of the orange reflectors on it cause i wanted it all black. next thing is to get my front bumper and grill professionally painted
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