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I had great experiences with the BFG A/T, but never towed anything with them. How do they handle towing heavy loads?
I don't want to do ANY mods to make them fit either. I like my truck stock. I've heard conflicting reports about whether a 285/65/18 will fit under a truck that has NO suspension mods. The sidewall is exactly the same as stock rubber, but they're 20mm wider. I don't want anything to rub.
I highly recommend the BFG A/Ts. I have a 4" Rancho lift on my truck, but DID NOT go up in tire size (I wanted to save my brakes and gears, not to mention gas milage). I drive an '04 w/ off-road, and I stayed w/ the stock wheel. I can't remember the size, but does 305/75/17 sound about right?

Anyway, they tow just fine. Mine are load rated "D", and I regularly tow 5500 lbs on an open deck utility/ATV trailer, with zero problems.

My 2 cents: get the BFGs! They're well priced, wear great over time (50K miles, if I'm not mistaking?) and are certainly a good looking tire over all!

Hope this helped!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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