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Partial Brake job

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Do to a sudden shortage of cash (check out the wheels and tires) I cannot afford a full brake package, and the fronts are getting pretty worn.

Is there any reason I cannot go to cross drilled rotors, new pads, and SS lines on the front and leave the whole rear stock for a while?

On a side note, are the SS lines really worth it? How about the Stillen rotors?
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cant you just replace the front brake pads and turn the rotors that should be the cheapest option
I know most shops wont turn rotors if there to worn out
No real reason you can't do just the fronts now and the rears later. The front pads/rotors will wear faster than the rears anyway. They did on my truck.

And the SS lines will just give you a tighter pedal. Don't make the typical mistake of thinking once you put the steel lines on there, you never have to worry about them! They need to be replaced as often as the rubber lines, unlike what many people think! The rubber lines give when pressed into service, so the pedal feels slightly spongy. The steel lines don't give, so the pedal feels firm. But the pressure and line stress is still there. With a steel line, the failure mode is catastrophic, rather than gradual like with the rubber lines. That doesn't mean your truck will explode, but rather that the steel line will burst more abruptly than the rubber, as they typically get cracks in the rubber and pinholes open up before total line failure.

Sorry for the dissertation. Just wanted peops to know that the steel lines aren't like the Ron Popeil oven thing. You can't just set it, and forget it.... :D
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Ok Great, thanks for the input guys.

Turning them down is not an option, they are already too thin. I have the original 2004 rotors (yeah, the thin ones). So I am looking to get rid of them anyway. I have not had any judder issues yet, just lucky I guess.

How about Stillen rotors? Are the OEM replacement size going to be any better than the OEM rotors?
I hope so, they should stay cool easier and the Metal Matrix Pads should grip better. Good input on the braided lines Blackbeauty. Thank you.

I just bought Stillen Front Rotors, MM Pads (both with less than 5K use on them), and new Stillen SS Brake Lines. I paid 175 delivered by buying them from Demondw3 last week. He is upgrading further to the Stillen Big Brake Kit. Never thought I'd buy used brakes (!) but this was a very good deal. Perfect for my needs with the 17" Rims I'm running. New, they'd cost about 350 if you can get just the front lines by themself.
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