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Parts For Sale: Off Of A 2007 Titan

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I have a 2007 Nissan Titan and I am selling some factory parts off of it that i have replaced with various aftermarket parts. I am listing a asking price, but I will negotiate if needed. Also, I live just North of Shreveport, La, in a small town named Benton, Louisiana (zip code: 71006). *Shipping is not included in the price*. The things I am selling include:

1 pair- Stock OEM Headlight fixtures. Nothing wrong with them, I just went with aftermarket projectors. $150

1 pair- Stock OEM Tail Light fixtures. Also, these have nothing wrong with them, I just went with the aftermarket LED fixtures. $60

1 pair- OEM foglight fixtures that i bought from Orr Nissan South in Shreveport, La, after I had my T for a 2 years or so. Nothing is wrong with these, the dealership didn't inform me until after I had made the purchase that my truck did not have the correct wiring harnes to support fog lights. I had them hooked up on the truck with a switch I installed myself for maybe 6 months before I purchased aftermarket projector fog lights that matched my headlights. I can draw you a diagram on how to wire them up to a switch in the cab or a diagram that shows you how to wire them directly to your low beams (this is how I have my current fog lights wired, they are on at all times your low beams are on). $50

1- Brand new aftermarket radiator, still in box with shipping label. Its a long story why I have a new radiator, but it boils down to my radiator blew and Nissan claimed it wasnt their fault. I went ahead and ordered a radiator and while my truck was sitting at the dealership, my truck was "broke into" by someone with a key to MY truck. Because of the theft, Orr Nissan North in Bossier City, La, volunteered to replace my radiator and fix the damages to the dash of my truck. Therefore, I have an unused radiator that needs a truck. $125

4- Tires and 17" rims (& chrome hubcaps that cover the rim if you want them). I have the stock rims that came with my truck and tires to go on each rim. 2 of the tires have less than 1,500 miles on them. The other 2 tires don't have much life left on them. $400 for all

Please feel free to email me at: [email protected] if you want pictures of anything I have listed or if you would like to discuss a deal.

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