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Parts for Sale

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I've accumulated too many parts over the past few years and need to get rid of stuff.

I will ship all of these to the lower 48, but am located in Boone, NC
I will add the remaining pictures tomorrow at work (I tried to upload pictures but I just created my account)
I'm looking for a BullyDog GT if you're interested in trading

PRG MiniLift $200 shipped
Brand new in box, was gifted it twice and couldn't reach Greg for a return.

Headlights $100 shipped
OEM lights, slight fading

Taillights $100 shipped
OEM lights, will wash off all remaining tint

HID Kit $50 shipped
Includes matching headlights and foglights direct plug in kit. One of the fog lights is burnt out but it should be replaceable

Grille $50 shipped

Bumper Extension's with Fog Light Assemblies $50 shipped
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What color are the bumper caps and off what year truck?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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